Paskibraka Timor Leste :-) » 20090520adf8115142_105.jpg

Photography by LSPH Paul Berry

Commander International Stabilisation Force, Brigadier Bill Sowry, and other official guests salute during the East Timor National Anthem.

Deep Caption:
The people of East Timor celebrated the 7th Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence on the 20th May, 2009.

The event was celebrated by a number of events throughout East Timor, and especially in the capital, Dili, where a parade and both a flag-raising and flag-lowering ceremony occurred.

Presiding over the ceremonies was the President of Timor-Leste, HE, Dr Jose Ramos Horta. At the flag-raising ceremony, President Horta inspected East Timorese Defence Force soldiers and police on parade.

The President also addressed the official guests, and spoke of the significance of the Anniversary to the people of East Timor. A minute’s silence was held to remember fallen heroes.

Brigadier Bill Sowry, Commander of the International Stabilisation Force (ISF), was one of the invited guests to the day’s events.

Thousands of East Timorese also watched the parade of more than 400 personnel.

At the conclusion of the morning parade, Australian Defence Force Military Police members, on deployment as part of the ISF, spent time with East Timorese locals. They gave out East Timor flags and stickers to children to help mark the occasion.


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